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My first TOEFL iBT

Wow! Just 4hrs ago I came out of the TOEFL iBT exam hall! My first TOEFL!
Let me walk ya’ll through the process at the Prometeric 8918 centre.

First off, you gotta wait in a line to identify yourself and once it’s your turn they’ll tell you to fill out their form stating your name registered ID, etc. Together with an ETS form of declaration for abiding with the code of conduct for the test. A locker is assigned to the candidates as well!

Secondly, after filling up the forms we need to keep all our belongings like school bag, cell phones, etc. in the lockers assigned to us. Then just wait till one of the instructors take your board and instruct you about the test. The instructions may be intimidating to those who give it the first time and our a bit scared! 😑😓😅 !

But, there’s nothing to worry about, since they are simple instructions.

Third, comes the time when they start calling us in for the next step i.e. the retinal and fingerprint scanning. This is a simple step and takes little time. Once you’re done with that, now it’s time to enter the exam room. The instructions of the test will be shown and and explained on the computer and then begins your exam!

You do get a 10mins break and I insist that you take the time and move out of the room to take some fresh air. Go to the washroom and fresh up. Basically do what you do to refresh yourself! But, do remember to get back to the room quickly!

After you’ve freshened up continue the remaining part of the test and then get the hell out of there! Believe me you’ll feel that same way till the end! But, before signing off do let ETS know whether you wanna send the scores to the college of your choice that you’ve chosen while registering!

That’s all folks!