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Dead persons too get promotions now!

I’ve heard about giving ones respect to the departed but, this is…..What the friggen hell is this 😨 ?

Dead persons too get promotions now!:


Tragedy strikes again!

Sent from the CNN App for Android Reports: Dozens dead in Iran, Pakistan quake

First the bombing at Boston now this! Its sad but, true!

First came the Mayans then a senile old man and now Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking predicts end-of-Earth scenario – CNET Mobile

Man why is everyone after destroying mother earth?
That’s right folks the latest statement from none other than Stephen Hawking concerns with the inevitable tragedy that will befall on earth! Not like the 2012 way destruction! Just that the Earth won’t be able to sustain our species if we continue the type of developments to which the earth can’t recuperate! If one thinks hard, many points in the past have definitely hinted that the earth is degrading like the famous global warming issues! To counter it, I’m a little ashamed to say that very little is being done! Raising awareness is one part but, bringing your ideas together and executing them is another and it is the part which we really need to stress and bring it up and running! Instead our great nations think of war and how to dominate other nations(plain old simple politics). Tell me something what use will be this politics when all of earth will not be able to sustain us?
The above and a lot more of factors are.rapidly depleting earth and a few among which The Stephen Hawking suggests, rather stresses on the fact that the only way of survival of our kin is to move out in space and either search and settle down at new homes(planets) or build space colonies! Believe it or not I too believe that moving out in space(space colonies) is the only way how humanity will not just survive but, will evolve as well!

What do you all think?

Shooting asteroids son!

Sent from the CNN App for Android NASA shoots for asteroid, new manned missions

This is has a lot of possibilities attached to it! If one thinks hard enough the asteroids ate just tools to defend Earth from other asteroids but, they can also act as resource satellites. Who knows what these chunks of celestial rocks have inside? I’m excited to hear this aren’t you all?

Hey, check this out from CNN:

Sent from the CNN App for Android Region awaits North Korea’s next move

Awaited by every nation! Hoping that the condition doesn’t grow any slimmer and develop into a WW3!

Japan’s safety measures!

Japan deploys missile defenses in Tokyo

This just shows how dire the situation is becoming worldwide due to North Korea recent actions.