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BBM goes live on both iOS and android platforms!

BBM yesterday made it’s late but, true debut! More precise trimming would be as it was reaching midnight !






iOS 7 arrives!

On 19th, night I was finally able to get the iOS 7 upgrade and I must say I’m LOVING IT!
There are subtle differences like the removal of the click to tweet or post on FB directly from the notification panel but, there are a lot of improvement as well!

Man O man! Big A really have taken transparency to the next level! Also, the parallax effect of the home screen and the lock screen are a treat!


That’s not all! The messaging app to has become neat as it ever be! Simplicity has a new and beautiful meaning!


A new feature that has been added to the messaging app is the ability to tell when the message was sent.


The next thing that has taken an interesting turn is the music app!



There is one more thing that was introduced with the new music app UI and that was the iTunes Radio ! But, sadly in India that feature is yet to be announced and released!

Next let’s talk about the new and slightly improved notification centre.





Like I’ve mentioned at the very start the subtle difference that has been bothering me is the missing direct, click to tweet and post to FB!
Other than it does a marvellous job as you can see!

Next would be the control centre something that has been there on the android platform for a long time but, now has made it to the iOS !


The control centre has many of the quick functions that reduces hassles and improves functionality

The clock to has a new UI! Plus on the home screen the clock animation can easily been seen!


The next thing is the new and improved Safari!



The new UI makes it a joy to surf the web and read!


The new links section to is simple and easy to use!! Not to mention well organised!


Next have a look at the videos!



Apple has gone and brought the transparency even on the video player!
But, still looks better and does the job!


If you wanna share something the options are as show above!


Game Centre can’t get more colourful than this!



The setting and mail apps are just as shown above!
Small change in the setting is that it has a separate mobile data section!

Did anyone else upgrade, if yes then write it down would love to hear from you guys and gals!

Apple does it again?

Today’s Apple’s media event the two iPhones 5S and C as expected came out!
5S introduces the new A7 64bit chip(first of its kind), Touch ID(basically a fingerprint scanner for security) on the new designed home button that has a resolution of 550ppi! Also, a wide range of health and other great app integration(basically giving a death note to I watch for now)!

5C introduced a new polycarbonate with a steel fame design! A great option for variety of market where flagship iPhone model is just not possible for everyone! It has the same specs of the iPhone 5!

Apple announces the it would launch the iOS 7 on the 18th September worldwide! Whereas the two iPhones well let’s just that till the end of the year everyone who would want the phones would have it in his or her pocket!
Personally as an iPhone 5 owner I’m saddened by the fact they have silently killed iPhone 5! But, I guess that the cost of progress!






Apple set to brighten our Day!

Apple all set to, “brighten” our September 10th day with new releases!
Whats to Expect ?

-iPhones- 5S and 5C
-Tweaked iPads- Both 5 and mini

Amongst the 2 mentioned above in relations to the Big A’s invite picture its pretty clear what is most probable! The iPhones will be launched for sure running on the latest Apple offering the iOS 7. While based on certain rumors it can also be true that we may get the tweaked iPads as well!

Lets see what happens and what gets revealed! Will keep you all updated!


Siri, pays attention to the little things that matter!

Siri, may not be on par with Google now at present but, it makes up in the little things that may seem trivial but, are really needed for a good and sound life.

Latest news in the siri front show that siri can link up to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline. Siri, could previously fund the sites offering counselling but, now everything is a call away.
Makes life easy!

WWDC 2013 keynote roundup!

WWDC 2013, REALLY kicked of with some boring intro but, as it slowly progressed it became a mesmerising!

WWDC 2013 gave us a literally new iOS for the iPhone namely the iOS 7……




The iOS 7 Will be available of iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above (includes mini) and 5th gen iPods touches.

Though iOS was certainly the major announcement that everyone was looking forward too, Apple didn’t disappoint its pro users…..

Yes, a fully revamped new MAC PRO.
A machine which truly can’t be judged by its look. Go through the specs on the Apple website and you’ll be amazed by the shear power depicted by the spec sheet.

The above too were the top announcements of the keynote, of which iOS was even said to had an standing ovation by the crowd that went there.

The other major but, slightly something of the sidelines according to me was the new MAX OS X Mavericks…..

Also, the new and improved MacBook Airs took the stage as well. With the new 4th gen Intel processors, their battery loves have been seriously increased.

All the above upgrades and hardware are said to reach the common man this fall. Though Airs, will ship today itself.
That was all folks a total wrap up of the announcements of this year’s WWDC.

Now now kids don’t play it that way!

Microsoft Commercial Pits Apple Against Samsung to Tout Windows Phone – Mac Rumors

I get it that this is a riggt dog world but, making fun of each other now thats not good! Read the above article and find out how Microsofts’ latest commercial pits both Apple and Samsung, the two giants with history!