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Dead persons too get promotions now!

I’ve heard about giving ones respect to the departed but, this is…..What the friggen hell is this 😨 ?

Dead persons too get promotions now!:


Crazy as always….Apple!

Apple’s iPhone sales reportedly up 400% in India thanks to aggressive pricing strategies

Apple’s strategy has really worked wonders in India! With sales moving at about 400% one can now start imagining a time when everyone in India would have a iPhone in there pockets. But, even with this development Apple still faces a lot of competition from Samsung and Nokia in India, as these companies still have the upper hand here.
For me, honestly being an Apple iPhone 5 user and a fan of Apple would love to see that day.
  What do you guys and gals think?

An initiative to make Mumbai safe!

Harassed on road? Soon, SMS/tweet to tell cops
Thus initiative will take time to set up at a large scale but, hey it’s a nice and nifty way for women to contact the cops without letting many know!

Google play store for India get revamped!

Today morning as I was about to leave for college I thought of downloading a certain app before I departed and there it was to my surprise the new version of Google play store was up and running.
Personally compared to the previous version of play store its a lot better!
Love the skin and the overall smoothness of the store.


Go Audi!

Audi zooms past BMW to No.1 slot in India
Man good news for Audi fans in India!

That’s far enough!

Chinese troops up ante, erect another tent

I don’t know what China is upto but, if they cross any further, history will repeat itself! But, this time we(Indians) are well prepared!

Still I hope the two countries can resolve this peacefully. Otherwise both sides will have high death count and I don’t think any reason is worth millions of lives! Specially borders.

India warns Pakistan

Any N-strike will invite massive response, India warns Pak

Things are getting ugly!