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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 First Time Again Review


                                          Walkers… Walkers and more WALKERS!

The favorite survivor group of the Walkers apocalypse is back and this time none may stand in Rick’s way in transforming the Alexandria community into something more than a weak and an inexperienced community.

The finale of last season left off with Rick shooting Pete Anderson (Corey Brill) for killing Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter) as Reg tried to stop Pete from doing something stupid! Also, Morgan finally meets up with Rick!

Though the deaths were unfortunate, still they were necessary since the plot is slowly & steadily moving towards the clash between the WOLVES and the communities! One of the biggest challenge and feared battle that awaits the whole group!  (**SPOILERS**)

Season 6 first episode titled “First Time Again”, starts in different fashion than the past episodes.

The episode starts with showing us a horde of Walkers, trapped in what seems to be cliff with 4 trucks entrapping them all. For a second, one might think that Rick was off his rocker as he was asking these inexperienced people to do the impossible and somewhat unnecessary. But, just after a few minutes as he kept on prepping his group, one of the trucks went down the cliff as it caved in and then all hell breaks loose as the horde becomes mobile, while a few of the living trying to question Rick’s intentions!

Throughout the episode, it seems we were shown the consequences of the actions taken by almost each of the group members.

In the show we also, see how Glenn deals with Nick. It seems that Nick is now a like pet dog with Glenn as his master. However, Glenn seemed to have only one intention of stopping any more unnecessary deaths.

The director showed us exactly how the story and the relationships like that of Morgan and Rick manifested itself throughout the episode via flashbacks. We also learnt that Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) now fully supports Rick’s plans and decisions. She may have been in charge but, it’s now really starting to look like the turn of events as foretold from the comic book arc. (**SPOILERS**)

To the people she may be the leader but, the one who is really calling the shots now is, Rick! Not saying that he was shown like a manipulative man but, rather someone who really wants to turn the community into a weapon against the dead and the living who intend to harm them. In the episode Rick tells Morgan that he doesn’t take any chances anymore.

“I don’t take chances anymore.”-Rick

“And you shouldn’t!”-Morgan

Morgan after that is shown to be in isolation practicing his awesome martial arts skills as Rick comes to confirm his sanity.

The title of the episode says it all for the Rick-Morgan relationship. Their friendship even in the comics stood the challenges that the insane world had to throw at them! We see a calm and more observant Morgan who helps Rick (who at that moment in time can be portrayed as a little broken), to remember who he really is.

A kind GOOD man.

As Morgan and Rick were out to bury Pete they come across the entrapped Walkers. It is at that point they realized how the community had survived for so long.

Later Rick and Morgan confronts the community and told them about the dire situation. With the support of Deanna, Rick laid out a plan to divert the Walkers for if and when they escape. Some of them didn’t support the plan but, that’s to be expected from an inexperienced bunch. Since Deanna gave it a green light they followed with the plan.

During setting up for the plan Daryl tells Rick that bringing more people would be taking care of ourselves. Just after that these inexperienced bunch met with a REALITY check! Rick told his group and Morgan to stand by as he in my opinion wanted to test the community people; wanted to see what how they would handle them. As expected they got their Asses handed to them!

Morgan just couldn’t stand by inexperienced people suffer so he goes ahead to help, forcing Rick’s hand to come forward and put down the few walkers.

After nearly getting chewed at the one of them Carter (Ethan Embry) met with few others and decided to talk about a revolt by killing Rick. Eugene heard the conversation and as always due to his clumsiness got found out but, luckily for him he made a sound as he got found out. Rick and the gang came in to his rescue and learnt about the revolt conversation and steadily gets his gun and forces him down whilst aiming his own gun against his forehead!

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”-Rick

Man, that line really showed who clearly was in charge!

Rick kept a level head throughout that incident and came out a calm leader. During the discussion between Morgan and Rick opens up and tells him that the thought that a man like Carter was gonna die anyway in this insane world stopped him from killing him, even though he really wanted to pull the trigger!

What Rick said really came true when all hell broke loose and the walkers escaped since Carter was the one who died in the episode.

The plan that Rick played out was working perfectly till Carter got bit and started screaming. His screams lured some of the walkers towards himself and off the road. Rick first put down the walker that bit Carter and then at the spur of the moment put down Carter to stop the horde from being distracted.

It was a kink in the plan but, it worked out since the few who got distracted were lured to join up with the rest of the horde by the sound of gunfire.

In the end all was going according to the plan but, then all of sudden a sound of a horn most probably a truck horn roared across the roads and that attracted the horde towards Alexandria!

I my opinion the WOLVES have made their move! The show is about to get a whole lot crazier!

To summarize I would say that the show has gone back to its ROOTs…..