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BBM goes live on both iOS and android platforms!

BBM yesterday made it’s late but, true debut! More precise trimming would be as it was reaching midnight !





Google gives a sneak peak of whats coming next for Android!

Get ready for a new flavor of the love it or hate mobile OS Android!
Android 4.4. is here!
Android 4.4. KitKat –

Lets see what Google offers this time!
Its also worth mentioning that in the sneak preview of the OS we saw what is now believed to be the next Nexus phone…..The Nexus 5. by the size of it its being guessed as a Phablet!




It’s about a month now since I bought this phone didn’t get the chance to post about it. So, now I did! Expect a review soon.
Here are some of the shots from the phone…






Google play store for India get revamped!

Today morning as I was about to leave for college I thought of downloading a certain app before I departed and there it was to my surprise the new version of Google play store was up and running.
Personally compared to the previous version of play store its a lot better!
Love the skin and the overall smoothness of the store.


Now now kids don’t play it that way!

Microsoft Commercial Pits Apple Against Samsung to Tout Windows Phone – Mac Rumors

I get it that this is a riggt dog world but, making fun of each other now thats not good! Read the above article and find out how Microsofts’ latest commercial pits both Apple and Samsung, the two giants with history!

A new update to WordPress!

WordPress just became more fluid than ever in its latest update on the android platform!