Sony announces great products again this IFA!

Sony has done it again! This IFA 2013 Sony has recently announced new as well as updated line of products!

-Updated 4K TVs and Projector
-4K HandyCAM
-HiRes Audio Accessories( Sound systems,etc.)
-Xperia Z1, with all the features that were leaked out in the rumors.
-QX10 and 100 CAMERA mounts for the Xperia Z and the upcoming Z1.

For me the most interesting part of the whole Sony announcement was the apps announcement when they announced the Xperia Z1!

The apps that caught my attention the most was the,
-Social Live= Now have your video broadcasted live to you Social media centers such as Facebook and YouTube directly from your phone!

Great little app for Vloggers and bloggers like me! Hopefully this app comes in the next update of the Xperia Z or else i’ll be owning the Xperia Z with some regrets!

Well lets see what happens later this year!



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