WWDC 2013 keynote roundup!

WWDC 2013, REALLY kicked of with some boring intro but, as it slowly progressed it became a mesmerising!

WWDC 2013 gave us a literally new iOS for the iPhone namely the iOS 7……




The iOS 7 Will be available of iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above (includes mini) and 5th gen iPods touches.

Though iOS was certainly the major announcement that everyone was looking forward too, Apple didn’t disappoint its pro users…..

Yes, a fully revamped new MAC PRO.
A machine which truly can’t be judged by its look. Go through the specs on the Apple website and you’ll be amazed by the shear power depicted by the spec sheet.

The above too were the top announcements of the keynote, of which iOS was even said to had an standing ovation by the crowd that went there.

The other major but, slightly something of the sidelines according to me was the new MAX OS X Mavericks…..

Also, the new and improved MacBook Airs took the stage as well. With the new 4th gen Intel processors, their battery loves have been seriously increased.

All the above upgrades and hardware are said to reach the common man this fall. Though Airs, will ship today itself.
That was all folks a total wrap up of the announcements of this year’s WWDC.

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