New Laptop!

On 4th of August 2011, while my family and I were in Bangalore awaiting for the counselling of COMED K, I just had few things in mind which I had decided to buy for the college. Amongst them  was a new laptop. Thus We hit the market of Bangalore in search for THE suitable Laptop which obviously met my tastes. Trust me it was really hard to find a machine with the specifications that I had in mind. By the end of noon around 5 p.m. my father found the a HP showroom where he finally found the RIGHT machine. We immediately went there and went through the features that it offered. By our luck the model that we had planned on getting wasn’t there and instead its latest version was available. Guess one can really say that I was indeed lucky!

Anyway  we landed up getting that after we made few adjustments. Made the following changes:

1. RAM-4GB to 8GB

Minor change, is what many would call this. But, what You all don’t know is that I had the impression that i’ll have to make many changes since not many Laptops come these features.

Has this laptop gotten your attention yet ? Let me clear the suspense! Its the latest dv6 6121tx Laptop.

A state of the art machine and comes with all the features you’ll ever need.

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Features :

1. i7

2. 2.0 ghz can boost upto 2.9 ghz


4. Beats Audio

5. Fingerprint scanner

6. Radeon Graphics

7. Win7 Home Premium OS

8. 4 USB Ports

9. 640 GB

10. 6 CELL Lithium battery

11. 15.6″ Screen

12. Backlit  Touch pad

13. Num Pad

Overall a complete machine that a person could ask for!


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