Zeta_Gundam_Ver.2.0.(MG)(HD) By Bandai

On a day much similar to this last month week I finally got my package which held the mos beautiful and the most attractive materialistic thing i could find for my self the Zeta Gundam Ver.2.0. (Master Grade)(High Defination Version). Okay, the most attractive man i sounded gay there<_< but, yeah i was pretty excited about it xD

            BTW(By The Way) I shopped it from Hobby Search for a mere 4,000 Y (Rs.3,191.52 INR OR $44.37 USD) Before that i had also bought my tools for its constructions namely a Gundam Marker and a nipper which costs me a total of $29$ from there.

              Anyways, i returned from the last day of skool and was informed of my parcel arrival well, it was that moment of time i was out of control ^o^ Full on excitement ran through my veins.

         And it didn’t even take me a day to open it, my parcel and start the build. Since it was my first Gundam and the one i ordered is my truly favorite one I wanted its build to go with good speed and accuracy and most importantly without troubles. But, fate had other plans for me and my Gundam. during the build a time came where I by mistake broke a small connector of the chest piece.

     I remember i sat grumbling the whole night sobbing over that piece since its importance was high since it was needed in Zeta’s Transformation. I became seriously MAD when this happened twice again  >_< first my front connector(actually part of the locking mechanism in the front side) broke and then it was part of a wing part which broke.

                Though the two stuff that broke later, didn’t affect the whole thing much. What I mean is that they don’t show up. The front part I glued it up with the help of super glue and the wing part well, i didn’t had to apply anything since the thing got locked up properly and now is packed tight. I really want to thank the designer/engineers who made such a fabulous piece of art. 

   Last Sunday I wrapped up everything and finally finished Zeta Gundam. I was so elated that I went ahead and treated a few friends of mine. xD It was a proud moment. And I also added a few modification that really make me proud such as painting the clear eyes with clear green paint and the head cam with clear blue and the leg inner frame parts with metallic color.

   The Review:

1.Color Scheme: a.Feet-Red WITH white on top as the cover 

                                b.Foot guards- White

                                c. Thrusters/propulsion systems:Yellow and                                              Golden(only some parts.) and copper(for the wires lines).

                                d.Skirts- White

                                e. Manipulators/Hand- Standard Grey

                                 f. Arm Armor-Blue AND white

                                 g. Cockpit-Red

                                 h.Chest- Blue

                                 i. Chest verniers- Yellow

                                 j. Shield- Red top with Very Dark Blue

                                k. wings-white flaps, Red(Main Wings) while the whole unit Dark blue.

                                l. Wing Stabilizer – White Top and Dark Blue Bottom.

                               m.Head-clear green eyes and clear Blue cam. The rest all white with some sides as grey.

2.Articulation –

a.Feet- Very Articulated indeed since it is a vital show part in the transformation. The feet front part and the back part are separately joined by two joints. 

b.Foot Guards: Goes up and down and side to side                          

c. Arm Thrusters – Go in and out

d. Skirts- Front can go Up and Down but the Side Skirts are like WOW full 360.

e.Chest -for transformation it goes up and about.

f. cockpit-Opens

g. Legs- 90 to the front and 90 to the back. Side to side-not even a proper 60.  

h. Manipulators- 360, Wiggle, are on a ball joint

i.Arms- 360, Can go 90 and a little bit above 90 from side to side, Can show a full 180 Flex.

j.Shield – Changes length, And its mobility is great too.

k.Wing stabilizer- Full Up and down movement.

l.Back Skirt- UP AND DOWN movement

m.Wings- Transforms and also show up and down movements

n. Head-360 Rotation, Side-to-side, up and down.

3.Disappointments :

1. Bandai could really give me some more polycaps since they got all used up.  <_< *Greedy me*

2. Theres no locking mechanism for the cockpit with the inner frame and hence it has to be always held pushed.

3. Decals- Seriously A pain >_< .I mean the normal version has better, that stick for at least for a month or so(<_< it should).  But, the ones i got didn’t even stick for a day.

4. The leg Transformation could be made simpler.

5. Though the torso has a ball joint attachment, it can’t go 360.

6.Continuous use of the wings for transformation tiered  them to the verge of even breaking at extreme cases(Thankfully mine didn’t break)!

7.The feet don’t seem to balance each other for the whole model to stand properly.

8. The Wings could Also be made a little easier to be handle .

9. The original stand that it comes with really is hard to arrange and could really be improved.


i. Satisfied: YES

ii. It was a fun experience and i enjoyed a lot building it and will be ordering more soon enough ^^ !

That would be it folks for this review. Do see the review vids on my channel given on the Description or go to the vid section to view. 

For picture and more info(Though you wouldn’t need any after reading this but, for your reference):

Dalong Review of Zeta Gundam_Ver.2.0(MG)(HD)


Yours Truly,


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